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This release provides minor bug fixes, new features, and compatibility with GNU Radio Most relevant changes with respect to the former release are listed below:

Improvements in Availability:

  • Compute PVT solutions when using GPS L5 signals even if the satellite is reported as not healthy in the CNAV message.

Improvements in Portability:

  • Updated cpu_features library to v0.7.0. The building option ENABLE_OWN_CPUFEATURES has been replaced by ENABLE_CPUFEATURES, defaulting to ON.
  • Fixed building against GNU Radio v3.10.2.0.

Improvements in Reliability:

  • Fixed some defects detected by Coverity Scan 2021.12.1.

Improvements in Usability:

  • Added a script at src/utils/scripts/download-galileo-almanac.sh that downloads an XML file with the latest Galileo almanac published by the European GNSS Service Centre at https://www.gsc-europa.eu/gsc-products/almanac

As usual, compressed tarballs are available from GitHub and Sourceforge.

In order to make GNSS-SDR more easily referenced, and to promote reproducible research, each software release gets a Digital Object Identifier provided by Zenodo. The DOI for GNSS-SDR v0.0.17 is 10.5281/zenodo.6473244.



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