The project

About the project

  • The aim of this project is to provide an open source (and, hopefully, high–quality and well–written) Global Navigation Satellite Systems software defined receiver.
  • It is focused on signal processing, understood as the process between the ADC and the computation of code and phase observables that allow the application of high-accuracy positioning algorithms.
  • GNSS-SDR is mainly developed at CTTC, with contributions from around the world.

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General overview

GNSS-SDR allows you to control all the process inside a GNSS receiver, from the raw bits at the output of an analog-to-digital converter to the computation of the navigation solution, that is, obtaining receiver’s position and time.  All this baseband processing is usually done inside a commercial integrated circuit, with very limited options (if any) of interaction. We present a software defined receiver, written in C++, that implements all the receiver chain. Since it is released as open source under the GNU General Public License v3.0, you can freely download the code, inspect it, use it, and contribute to have a better GNSS software receiver.

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If you use GNSS-SDR to produce a research paper or Thesis, please reference any of these articles to credit the GNSS-SDR project.


Research network

Logo EuWIn

GNSS-SDR forms part of the European Laboratory of Wireless Communications for the Future Internet, an organization that promotes fundamental research through experimentation. Check out the list of available EuWIn facilities for other research platforms of this network.




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